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The Benefits of Cold Showers in the Morning

Posted by teenagehealth Saturday, 7 January 2012 0 comments

Because of the cold, many people prefer to warm bath in the morning, but it can actually harm the body. Wash with cold water in the morning to make it healthier.

Occasional warm bath should be done if the body is too tired at night, because the warm water bath efficacious relax muscles, relieve stress and cope with insomsia. Whereas when you need passion to start activities in the morning, you should wash with cold water.


Toxic Silicon Also Threaten The European Male

Posted by teenagehealth Friday, 6 January 2012 0 comments

Tens of thousands of users of cheap French-made silicone implants are suggested to remove her fake breasts for security reasons because it can trigger cancer. Appeal was now not only for women but also for men.

Men who wear silicone implants to enlarge the breast is not much, just limited to transgender persons who want to change her appearance to look like female breasts. However, many men wearing silicone implants for other purposes.


Students often forget Sports

Posted by teenagehealth 0 comments

Teenagers often fail to make fitness and health a priority after he left home and lived in another city for college. Everyday life such as eating a balanced diet and exercise are quite often not met.

Moreover, most teenagers when entering student life often leave home and become a boarding school boys. Where life is identical with the children boarding lifestyles that are less organized and less healthy. Children boarding often do not meet the needs of healthy food intake and exercise.


Benefits of Cardio Exercise for Sex Life

Posted by teenagehealth Thursday, 5 January 2012 0 comments

Doing cardio exercise can provide many benefits such as weight loss and body become fitter. But there is another benefit that is gained a better sex life.

As we all know that good sex life is strongly influenced by overall health, so if someone has a good level of fitness then sexual life would be good also.


Healthy Food For the Heart

Posted by teenagehealth Monday, 2 January 2012 2 comments

Food you eat indirectly affect the health of your heart. Here are some foods that are considered good for the heart, among others: Oatmeal Oatmeal is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate and potassium. 

In addition, these fiber-rich foods can also reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol and prevent plaque formation on artery walls. Olive oil Olive oil is rich in saturated fat is not singular. Olive oil helps to lower LDL cholesterol and lowers risk of heart disease. 


Teens and Chocolate

Posted by teenagehealth 0 comments

Most teens likes chocolate. This food does not look at the factors age group or sex, because the benefits are considerable.

Chocolate is assumed to be able to lower your risk of heart attack. Consuming several pieces of pure chocolate every day can lower your risk of dying from a heart attack in nearly 50% of cases. This opinion was expressed by a researcher from Johns Hopkins University School, USA. In his research revealed that the formation of blood clots / thrombus in chocolate eaters are much slower than those not eating chocolate. This is of course a lot of truth because of thrombus formation that are too large will cause clogged heart arteries and can cause heart attacks.


Teenage Acne

Posted by teenagehealth 0 comments

Teenagers are synonymous with puberty, of course, have seen changes rapidly, it looks good physically and psychologically. Hormonal changes that occur in periods of transition from child to adult, as well as acne that can not be separated from the growth of a teenager. This is due During puberty, the sebaceous glands become more active and produce excess oil. Sebaceous glands are the oil-producing glands in the skin, removing fat called sebum that lubricates hair and skin function.


Teens and Chocolate

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